Funny websites from our senior pastor, Sid

Here are some funny websites making fun of Fred Phelps’s “ministry” of
“God Hates Fags.” As you probably know, Phelps has shown up at
denominational meetings for years to be a counter-protester when there
are gay and lesbian protesters present. Lately he has been protesting
at the funeral of soldiers killed in Iraq to say that we are in such a
war because this country tolerates gay people. The whole thing is just
sickening to me, especially showing up at funerals. So, these make fun
of Phelps’s message but make a wonderful point. Enjoy.

The first is a website called “God Hates Figs.” Very, very clever. Be sure to navigate the whole website.

The other two are songs. One is called “The Bible Says.” After watching the video, go to
this guy’s website ( to see the interview
with his “real self” sitting next to his character. Very funny.

The second video is called “We Hate the World” and is a take-off of the
song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in the 80s that
sparked the first Live Aid.
Also very funny. You have to watch to the end to see where it is going.

All these make a great point–let’s stop hating in the name of Christ
and get back to the deeper and simpler questions of faith like “What
would Jesus do?” I recognize that none of us can truly answer that
question with absolute certainty, but I believe that he would always
fall on the side of radical inclusiveness.


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