Notes from Juanita Series (From Oct. 11)

Speaker: Janice Huie, Bishop

6 practices faithful women want embodied in their religious community:

  1. mission that offers hope and tools for survival for her and her children, good, clothes, housing, health care
  2. challenges to be very best self – not to settle – invites spiritual depths and resolve, determination, fosters resisliency
  3. inspires and embodies shalom, peace, health, wholeness of whole planet, not just ourselves, stretch out for whole earth, humans and beyond, interfaith
  4. persons and programs that inspire and empower future generations, women investment much higher benefit for future, women use money earned to send children to school
  5. remember the past, women honor best contributions, asking forgiveness for pettiness and violence, recover stories of women in the scriptures and in history
  6. beliefs and practices both shape each other, emphasize practice that cuts across beliefs – affirms a God whose compassionate nature is love, mercy, justice and peace

Notes by Deana Henry

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