Christians, Jews, and Muslims Read Scriptures Together on Peace

Special 3-week series for the Cove’s 15th Anniversary

Peace is an ideal and vision in the faith of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Sharing sacred texts on peace, three religious scholars will explore together how their traditions understand and strive for peace in the self, family, and community.

Wednesdays: Feb 10, 17 & 24
12 Noon–1 p.m.
$60 (Includes lunch)
Pre-registration required

  • The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Briggs Kittredge – Professor of New Testament, Seminary of the Southwest
  • Rabbi David Komerofsky – Executive Director, Texas Hillel, University of Texas
  • Dr. Yetkin Yildirim – Vice President, Institute of Interfaith Dialog

Feb 10: “Cultivating Peace Within”
Feb 17: “Peace in the Family”
Feb 24: “Peace among Peoples”

**Register online or call 451-0272.

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