Important Alert from Pastors for Peace

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011:

Dear Caravan hosts,


At 12:20 this afternoon the 22nd Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba arrived at the US/Mexico border to break the US blockade against Cuba.  The US border officials have again decided to interfere with our mission of breaking the US blockade, and have seized 7 computers. More
information is in the press release below.


Although we are continuing on the caravan and taking the remaining 100 tons of aid to Cuba, our protest against the seizure continues!


Your support is vital! We are asking you, our emergency response network, to spread the word:  Call your senators and congressional representatives, the White House,

call your local media, and organize in your communities to demand that the US government:


    • Return the 7 computers immediately!
    • End the blockade and travel ban of Cuba now!

Find your Congressional Representative here:

Find your Senator here:

Contact the Whitehouse here:


Now is the time for action against this criminal blockade and in support of the Caravan to Cuba! Let us together work for an end to the blockade!


In solidarity,
Pastors for Peace

Press Release:


Press Contact: Janine Solanki (360) 250-0998  Lucia Bruno (212) 926-5757

July 21, 2011

US Officials Seize Seven Computers as Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan Crosses into Mexico 

US Customs and Border Patrol officers seized seven computers intended for Cuban hospitals, schools, and a veterinary clinic at the Pharr (TX) International Bridge on Wednesday.

The computers are part of the 100 tons humanitarian aid carried by the 22nd  IFCO/Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba. Caravan participants observed officers X-raying and searching the vehicles. Customs officers then said that they were ‘detaining,’ not ‘seizing’ the computers, in order to determine whether the caravan needed to have a license to take them to Cuba. Three of the computers seized were the same ones that were taken from last year’s caravan in 2010, and were later returned to IFCO/Pastors for Peace.

While the brightly painted trucks and school buses were being searched, caravanistas chanted “Cuba is no threat to you; let our computers through!” and “Love is our license! Free the computers!” and held banners and signs reading “Cuba is not our enemy” and other slogans. Caravanistas then prayed and chanted together as they gathered around the pickup truck holding the seized computers.

Although IFCO/Pastors is protesting the computer seizure, we are continuing through the border to deliver to Cuba the 100 tons of aid that have crossed successfully through the border.

This year more than 100 North Americans and Europeans have joined the Caravan.

For updates check and

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